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Who We Are

We are a partner who provides structure, stability, expertise, and efficacy for e-learning needs.

At The Arch Learning Design Studio, We Are…


We’ve been innovating at the intersection of technology and education for decades. We design transformative experiences that set new standards. Join us as we push the boundaries with forward-thinking solutions.


Our heart lies in creating engaging and inclusive learning journeys that inspire and empower. Every project is a testament of our commitment to quality and effectiveness, and designed to meet the diverse needs of learners. Discover how our passion can drive your success.


The Arch upholds the highest professional standards, delivering reliable and high-quality solutions. Every project meets rigorous criteria for excellence and impact. Partner with us to meet your objectives and exceed expectations.


As a women-owned business, we’re proud to lead with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We create learning experiences where all can excel. Together, we can empower through education to reshape futures.

The Team

At The Arch Learning Design Studio, we unite the archetypal strengths of wisdom, empathy, and innovation in our approach. This blend ensures a comprehensive and compassionate learning design strategy, driving transformative change in online learning. Our team’s commitment to DEIB and empowerment will shape a legacy of educational excellence, fostering an inclusive environment where every learner can thrive.

Jaime Mordue Founder and President

With visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to educational excellence, Jaime is The Arch’s resident Sage. Her professional journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in English Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After 2 years teaching, Jaime discovered a passion for instructional design–laying the groundwork for the next steps of her career. Recognizing the impending potential of technology to revolutionize education, she pursued a Master’s degree in Education with concentrations in Secondary Education Administration and Educational Technology from Michigan State University.

Throughout Jaime’s 20-years of professional experience, she developed expertise in learning experience design methodologies, e-learning tools/platforms, and emerging educational technologies. Destined for a more meaningful career path, Jaime joined  forces of the industry’s best talents to form their own purpose-driven company: The Arch Learning Design Studio.

When she’s not working to empower learners, Jaime can be found enjoying mountain life up in the Rockies with her family.

Jenny Bachmann-Prampin Founder and Vice President of Operations

Jenny embodies the essence of the Caregiver archetype, infusing her leadership style with compassion, empathy, and a commitment to championing the needs of diverse learners and fostering inclusive learning environments. With a passion for education and a heart for serving others, Jenny received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Illinois at Chicago and then a Masters of Education at Depaul University. Jenny has cultivated a distinguished career in learning design and leadership roles within education (Pearson, Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago) and the non-profit sector (PAWS Chicago, Heard Museum, Notebaert Nature Museum).

Drawing from decades of experience, Jenny develops evidence-based learning experiences that not only meet rigorous standards such as Quality Matters and DEIB but also resonate deeply with learners’ needs. Her innate ability to connect with others has been instrumental in building successful partnerships and driving impactful educational initiatives. As Founder and Director of Operations of The Arch, Jenny brings a human-centered approach to her work, prioritizing the well-being and success of her team members. Her leadership style fosters a supportive environment where individuals feel valued, empowered, and inspired to excel.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jenny loves traveling with her family, being creative, and reading.

Craig Gunderson Founder and Vice President of Learning Technology

Craig started his career by teaching himself HTML to showcase his illustration work online. He soon realized he could make more money with web development, and continued to expand his skills by building websites for artists. 

Over time, he learned new technologies like Flash animation and scripting languages, becoming a valuable asset in the e-learning industry. With over 20 years of experience and a passion for creating engaging learning experiences, Craig has held leadership roles at top education companies. 

As a founding member of The Arch, he focuses on crafting innovative multimedia learning tools and managing custom learning projects. Craig is a versatile “Scanner” personality with a wide range of hobbies, including art, blogging, and homebrewing.

The Arch Learning Design Studio logo

The arch stands as a sturdy and enduring structure

We provide stability in the evolving landscape of online learning. With decades of experience and passion for learning, we provide robust expertise to deliver the structure and services necessary for our clients.